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children printing mazes
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At MegaMazes, we have only premium quality mazes -- the highest quality available anywhere. Almost all of our mazes are designed using a vector-based format. What this means for you, is that our mazes can be rendered with perfect quality at any resolution, on any device. This also means that the files are extremely compact -- usually under 50k. Being so small, if you have a broadband connection, our vector mazes will be downloaded and displayed on your computer almost instantly! Or, if you are restricted to a low bandwidth Internet connection such as via modem, this means that all of the vector mazes on our site will load without lengthy delays typical of high-resolution graphics At MegaMazes, we are doing everything we can to ensure that you experience no sluggish downloads or long waits.

View these great mazes!*

    Maze Name    File Size       Format Type
Classic Grid   33k  vector
Ring Connectrix     42k  vector
Jumper   25k  vector
Elliptoroid Extrusion   46k  vector

Please also check out our printable demos.

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Note:  To view and print Adobe PDF™ files, please download and install the free Acrobat Reader™ from the Adobe Systems™ website. The download is free and the free software license to use the Acrobat Reader™ program never expires. Adobe PDF™ is the de-facto standard in distributing professional e-documents on the Internet and a version of the Acrobat Reader™ may already be installed on your computer. Most PDFs on the MegaMazes website are in Acrobat 4.0 format, but that may change, and we always recommend that you use the latest version of the Acrobat Reader™. This link is provided for your convenience only and does not indicate a partnership or affiliation with Adobe Systems, Incorporated. If the above link is not working correctly, please go to the Adobe website homepage and click the "get Acrobat Reader" graphical link.

* All downloads are suject to the Site Terms of Use and Materials Licensing Agreement.

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printable mazes

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