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      By far, most of our mazes are designed as scalable vector graphics, but we do have a few exceptional artwork pieces and other legacy hand-crafted mazes that are scanned-in images. There are two scanned image example mazes below that can be printed.
      Notice that the size of the scanned image files are significantly larger than the other, vector-based, files -- please be patient while downloading. Though these files are much larger than the vector-class mazes, we feel that you will appreciate their unique artistic qualities. For our scanned mazes, we have performed computerized modifications in order to enhance them for both viewing and printing. Joining for a free membership will allow you access to more scanned mazes. If you become a paid subscriber, you will get to see and print ALL of our scanned artworks.

View and PRINT these great mazes!*

      Maze Name      File Size      Format Type
HexMaze     37k    vector
Stringy Thingy     668kb    scanned
Intestïne     1.1MB    scanned

Please also check out our other viewable only demos.

      We have packaged each of these images as PDF™ files for you so that printing them onto standard letter-sized paper is extremely simple. Other websites generally contain lesser quality images in a raw Jpeg or GIF format intended for printing through your browser. Since a web browser is not intended as professional printing software, in order for you to print raw images best formatted for your printer, you would be required to purchase expensive business software. But, on MegaMazes, with our PDF™ mazes, you can print our images through Acrobat Reader™ at the absolute best resolution available. Acrobat Reader™ is a free download from Adobe Systems™ website and allows you to view and print files in the portable document format.
      To print a maze, you merely click the printer icon below MegaMazes icon on the maze-viewer page. Please note that using your browser File/Print command or your browser's upper toolbar printer icon will NOT print the maze. For more information on printing a maze, please see our help section.

Note:  To view and print Adobe PDF™ files, please download and install the free Acrobat Reader™ from the Adobe Systems™ website. The download is free and the free software license to use the Acrobat Reader™ program never expires. Adobe PDF™ is the de-facto standard in distributing professional e-documents on the Internet and a version of the Acrobat Reader™ may already be installed on your computer. Most PDFs on the MegaMazes website are in Acrobat 4.0 format, but that may change, and we always recommend that you use the latest version of the Acrobat Reader™. This link is provided for your convenience only and does not indicate a partnership or affiliation with Adobe Systems, Incorporated. If the above link is not working correctly, please go to the Adobe website homepage and click the "get Acrobat Reader" graphical link.

* All downloads are suject to the Site Terms of Use and Materials Licensing Agreement.

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printable mazes

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