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      We call ourselves "MEGAMazes" for a reason! It's because we have an incredibly extensive collection of wonderfully unique mazes! If you're not yet a maze-addict, look around, solve a few mazes, and let us help get you hooked right away! We have everything from classic grid mazes to many freehand styles to jumper mazes and many other original styles including 3D designs! All of our mazes are of the highest quality and are created by the world's best MazeMasters.
      Below, you can check out some examples of the types of maze styles that we have to offer. For some of these maze types, viewable and/or printable demos are available as part of our free tour. Click any of the various "demo" links on this page to view those free samples. Please sign up for a paid subscription to get unlimited access to ALL of our mazes.

  Perhaps the most common and intuitive form of a maze, a classic grid style maze generally presents a set of walls creating passages in square increments. See a classic grid demo maze here. (Classic Grid)
  The spaghetti style of maze contains many intertwined passages that go over and under each other, and is generally drawn freehand. See a printable spaghetti maze demo here. (Stringy Thingy)

  A hexgrid maze presents a set of walls of a repeating hexagonal pattern. The 'gridlock' mod displayed can make a hexgrid (or Omega) style maze even harder to solve.
  Our pattern mazes appear to be a repeating pattern that is 'broken' in certain places. Our 2D and 3D pattern mazes tend to distract the eye and can be very confusing mazes. See a demo here. (Ring Connectrix)

  Our classic freehand mazes contain vast expanses of straight and semi-straight lines that create a confusing medley of passages. These mazes are works of art and often contain hidden bonus images such as words or pictographs.
  In a tile maze, you proceed from tile to tile according to a certain set of rules. Usually travel is within the same color of tile, but kitty-corner moves are not allowed.

  These special freehand mazes are one of our favorite styles and have a squirmy, winding appearance similar to brainy passages. We also have mazes on subvariations such as the squiggle style. See a demo here. (Intestïne)
  The designer styles of our mazes are perhaps our most accomplished trademark. These mazes are based upon a wide range of spectacular designs. The colorized mods of these mazes are especially impressive. See the demo here. (Elliptoroid Extrusion)

  These mazes have arrows that you follow box to box from start to finish. Usually there are many islands of interconnected box areas that cleverly conceal the solution. See a demo here. (Jumper)
  Our three dimensional mazes make for fun brainteasers. Colorized renditions of these are member favorites and great pin-up posters.

      Keep in mind that we truly do have too many types of mazes to even list each individually. We are constantly coming out with ideas for new maze designs, formats, rules, and other puzzlery. Usually, we add one to two new mazes every week. When you subscribe, you will be able to log in and view all newly released mazes as soon as they are available.
      Only a limited number of full-size demo mazes are currently available, but the member section of our site has a lot more to offer. When you become a paid subscriber, you will get access to our ENTIRE collection of mazes! There is also a free trial membership option available that allows access to many more mazes if you would like a further look into what we have to offer.

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